Jones Beach Air Show

Sadly, I cannot give credit for this picture.  It was attached to an email my father sent me and tracing the email chain back, there is no indication of the source of the photo.  Suffice it to say that it was professionally done and that the photographer deserves a round of applause. 

The picture was taken at the Jones Beach Air Show in May and there were many amazing photos in the series of acrobatic and military planes flying over the New York City skyline.  Of course, the sight of military jets flying over the Big Apple has an ominous feeling since 11 September 2001, but the photos themselves were fantastic.

Third day back at work after my week off to play tour guide.  Brad and Silvia are in the south on Koh Pha-Ngan, an island near Koh Samui.  Sounds like they are having fun after going through some memorable but not entirely pleasant experiences while trekking up in the north.  Their description of it sounded more like a death march on the Thailand-Burma Railway!

Yesterday I had my first regularly-scheduled meeting with my tutor.  We spent three hours working together, reviewing the sentence structures and grammar I learned (or, more accurately, was exposed to) two modules ago.  Instead of reviewing them in the phoenetic language that was used at that time, I’m using written Thai this time.  It improves my reading and writing skills and I can more readily associate what I read with the written materials I see in my life, such as newspapers and books.

I think that in the long run, I’ll get just as much out of these sessions with much less time than I spent at Union Language School.


1 thought on “Jones Beach Air Show

  1. Have you been to Fleet Week in SF? It’s so loud!!! I meant to watch “The Last Days of Sophie Scholl” so many times, but I have not got it yet. 😦

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