One Day Left in Bangkok

Tuesday evening, Ryan’s last day in Bangkok, we met up with a friend from, Jack, and went to Vertigo – the rooftop bar and restaurant on the 69th story of the Westin Banyan Tree hotel.  It was a swanky place to take in the view and enjoy lychee martinis, celebrating Ryan’s trip and also having a chance to meet Jack for the first time.  Jack (sorry, no picture to post) is Thai but graduated from KU and still lives in Kansas City working for Sprint.  Of course, I only met him after I moved to Bangkok so was unable to take advantage of his Thai restaurant recommendations in KC while I lived there!  For all of you still in KC, Thai Orchid is the place to go, not Thai Place.

Ryan made it to the airport in one piece, I believe, although I haven’t heard from him yet so don’t know if he really is back at home or got stuck in Taipei.  It was nice having him in town and getting to spend more time with him than I have in a decade or more.  I’ll look forward to meeting his girlfriend, Sabrina, when I’m in SF.

Yesterday was my final examination for Module 3 of Thai language classes.  Knowing that I was going to repeat the class anyways, I didn’t bother pressuring myself over the test.  Quite relaxing to walk in and not have any beads of sweat on my brow.  Other students who will also repeat the class didn’t even show up for the test: there were four absences in a class of 12.  Sure enough, I knew what I knew and didn’t know what I already knew I didn’t know.  And now that I know what is on the test, I’ll be able to better prepare over the next two months for it.

After the test I met up with Dave and Monty, who are back in town after visiting Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Ko Phiphi.  Mentioning them previously, they are friends of Tod’s and another Thai guy in SF that Tawn knows.  They’re a great couple and I’m glad we had another chance to hang out before they return home to SF on Saturday.  Sounds like Chiang Mai was fun but their Phuket and Ko Phiphi experiences could have been more enjoyable. 

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) I fly out bright and early to San Francisco.  I’m spending three weeks there working with the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, followed by one week back in Kansas City so I can see my family and my new niece or nephew who should be born any day now.

So that leaves today to get everything done: packing, laundry, pick up dry cleaning, water plants (and hope Tawn remembers to keep watering them!), purchase a replacement water filter for the clothes washer, etc.  Busy!


1 thought on “One Day Left in Bangkok

  1. Hi.. 🙂 I just wanted to say that I have always enjoyed reading your blogs, and that you should keep them coming. Bangkok looks like a fascinating city. Enjoy your time in San Francisco. Tom.

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