Saigon Journal Part 2

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We returned home very late Monday evening from a whirlwind trip to Ho Chi Minh City.  I took about 450 pictures and will be attempting to sort through them quickly and publish the highlights.  The trip was very enjoyable and some additional memorable moments include:

  • Taking time-exposure pictures at the public outside the Rex Hotel, and having a five year old boy and his three year old sister come over from their family to see what I was doing.  The curious boy wanted to play with the camera, so I set things up and was letting him push buttons.  He and his sister would squeal with delight after the flash went off and they could look at the image in the screen.  Thank goodness for strong batteries.
  • Eating fresh grilled prawns at a smoky barbeque restaurant.  The half-kilo of prawns arrived in a plastic bag, still alive and jumping about.  The waiter then showed us how to grab the prawns, turn them over, and use a toothpick to sever their main nerve before throwing them on the table-top grill.  Watching them continue twitching for the next half-minute was a macabre experience but made for really, really fresh food.
  • Taking a break from the afternoon heat and stopping at the buttercup yellow Fanny’s two days in a row – and enjoying locally-made cinnamon and young rice ice cream while sitting on the covered patio with fans blowing a strong breeze and drinking ice-cold water.
  • Watching young couples gather on their mopeds at the park, hundreds of them, finding a little bit of private time together away from their families.  They perched on the bikes, cradled in each others’ arms, enjoying privacy in a crowded public place.

Viet Nam is a fascinating place and I’m eager to return, next time to see Ha Noi and Ha Long Bay.  Stay tuned for pictures.

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