Images of Bangkok – Valentine’s Day 2006

Valentine’s was another in a busy series of days that will continue for the next two weeks or so.  After school and work, Tawn and I met at the Thong Lor Skytrain station about 6:40 and walked to Face – a very cool restaurant complex that features Thai food in one restaurant, Indian in another, and a bar, all in a series of restored Northern Thai-style houses.  The food is good, albeit a bit under-spiced, and the atmosphere is great. 

We were meeting Tod and a couple he has visiting from San Francisco, Monty and Dave.  Monty works for Yahoo and Dave for Apple.  They’re a nice couple and we’ll see them again over the next few days of their visit – pictures of them then.

Tawn had prepared a very nice Valentine’s Day present for me – a suprise night at the Central Sofitel up in Lad Prao, about halfway to the airport.  It is a nice hotel.  Unfortunately, dinner didn’t wrap up until almost 10 and we both had an early morning and decided it wasn’t worth the effort to drive up there and then have to fight traffic back in the morning.  Still, a really thoughtful present.

Some pictures:

Below: Our apartment on Soi Asoke.  Flower arrangements by Tawn.


Above: Tod joins Tawn for a smaller dinner two Sundays ago, before our trip to the Opera.  The menu: Spanish tortilla, pan-seared white fish with a tomato-chili compote, and sauteed mixed mushrooms.

Below: Dusk descends upon the Face restaurant complex, a Thai restaurant, an Indian restaurant, and a bar located in restored Northern Thai-style houses in the Thong Lor district.


Above: Shift change for security guards at the Thong Lor Skytrain station.  Militaristic formality among security guards is a feature of Thai culture.  They lined up, did some “about-faces” and then went on their way after a briefing.  All done with the characteristic sabai-sabai attitude.

Had some final communications with Ryan, who arrives tomorrow morning.  If all went well, his first flight should have departed about two hours ago.  His ankle is feeling better, but I don’t know if he’ll continue his plans to go scuba diving.  Right now, the plan is to combine all of our guests into one group on Friday and do the Grand Palace, Wat Po, Wat Arun tours in one fell swoop.

More people arriving soon: Paul Thies is back to visit his girlfriend Aori on Monday, and then Chi-hui Yang (director of the SF Int’l Asian American Film Festival) has a friend in town next week and asked if he could give him my number.  Busy time of year.  Must be winter in the US! 


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