Preview: Hi-So Wedding Part 2

Saturday evening we went to the Siam Society to attend the wedding of one of Tawn’s former United colleagues to her Malaysian groom.  The bride’s father is a police colonel, quite well connected, so the guest of honor was none other than the mayor of Bangkok.  Lots of nice pictures to share, but I need to get Tawn to help caption them all.  Stay tuned for more details.

On another note, Tawn, Tod and I went to watch the Jennifer Lopez, Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman movie “An Unfinished Life.”  We quite enjoyed it.  The story was good, the acting very strong, and the scenery beautiful.

Finally, I received a request from a friend to remove the picture of him and his partner from this blog because they could face career, political, and criminal repercussions based on where they live and the laws of that country.  I honored that request, a bit disappointed in myself for not having considered the ramifications of my posting the picture in the first place, but also thankful for the opportunity to be reminded that while times have changed by and large, there are still many miles left in the journey toward equal rights for all people.

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