Okay, some of the panic has subsided.  Pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and the apartment will soon begin to look like a home.

Here’s some “pre-furnishing” views of the apartment.  At 700 square feet (70 square meters) it is quite large for a one bedroom.  Larger than Tehlin and Chris had in Hong Kong for their first apartment.

This is a view from just inside the front door, looking toward the living area and the bedroom.  The bathroom is immediately to the right past a small kitchen area.  A storage room (about 50 square feet) is immediately to the left.

Looking back toward the kitchen and front door from the living room windows.  Tawn had the walls painted a light yellow-tan color that is quite nice.  The pictures have a very peach tone to them because the peach color curtains are filtering the afternoon light.  The entire apartment has tile floors. 

The view from the bedroom looking back toward the kitchen/front door area.  The bedroom came with a bed frame, new matress, and the closet piece.  The living room had only the TV stand and the TV.

The complex is about 35 stories high.  It is a condominium complex and has some nice amenities including a pool (shown here), small gym, and steam and sauna facilities.  They also have a company that picks up dry cleaning and laundry for a pretty reasonable price.  Turn around is 3 days.  The view from our balconies is quite nice – several other condos and a view south toward Sukhumvit Road. 


Our multiple trips to the Bang Po district and the Jatujak Weekend Market on Sunday resulted in purchases of a modest but nice teak hardwood dining table and four chairs.  We also bought two bedside stands.  These will turn out really nice and will be delivered Friday morning after the shop finishes them.  In the afternoon, I stopped an ice cream vendor to have an Asian-style ice cream sandwich, served in a sweet bread roll. 

Monday evening at 6:00 pm the delivery people from Index Living Mall arrived to assemble our dresser and a bookshelf.  These are IKEA-type pieces, but there were three men with power tools who had everything expertly assembled in 20 minutes.  They had moving rugs to cover and protect the floor, and tested all the drawers before leaving.  Very impressive service.  Made me feel better about the 13,000 baht it cost to buy the pieces.

Later in the evening we went shopping at Big C (kind of like a huge Wal-Mart with a grocery store and food court in a 4-story building).  By the time we left, it was pouring rain and very windy.  The streets were flooding with several inches of standing water.  As we drove down our street, Soi Asoke, there were more than 6 inches of water and as we neared our complex, we could hear the water lapping on the underside of our car.  Very scary.  The lightning was spectacular though and I watched from the balcony.  

Oh, other big news: we discovered that the apartment has hot water after all.  The water heater is kind of hiden under the bathroom sink.  I’m glad I spent some time in the bathroom poking around before we went out and bought a hot water heater! 

Well, just a few more days before we fly to Singapore for the weekend to visit friends.  I need to do quite a few more things to get the apartment organized and also want to contact a law firm to arrange for my 1-year visa.  Busy, busy, busy.

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