Visiting Friends in SF

Out in San Francisco this weekend to visit friends.


Paul and I took BART out Friday evening to see Bruce and Howie.  They live out in San Ramon, 45 miles east of the City.


Bruce’s parents were in town from the central California coast – the area where “Sideways” was set.  I’ve wanted to meet them and was glad to have an opportunity.


Dinner was supposedly a “simple” affair.  Not the case, really, as Bruce is a passionate cook and his simplest meals are actually very grand.  This evening, he prepared four different gourmet pizzas for us, preceeded by an amuse bouche of mussels – the recipie came from this book.  Very tasty indeed.


This morning (Saturday) I woke up early and had breakfast at Miss Millie’s restaurant (24th Street and Castro) with Bob, Anita’s roommate.  Bob’s partner is also in Thailand, so we have lots in common.  Bob looks a lot like my friend Albert.  I’m going to make it a project to get a picture of both of them together.


After breakfast I headed to the airport where I did a fun overnight trip to JFK.  More about that tomorrow.

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