Traveling from Kansas City to Bangkok

The third installment of my July trip report from Kansas City to Bangkok has been posted on  Read about my five hours at Seoul Incheon airport, where I “officially” visited South Korea for a few hours.


I’d love to be able to explain why I really am fascinated by doing these trip reports.  Who am I kidding?  I already know the answer!


It’s because ever since I was a child I’ve been an airplane enthusiast.  My Dad worked for United for 35 years, my uncle worked for Branniff (the first one – check out this interesting link) and then Northwest, I worked for United one summer, Tawn worked for United for more than 2 years, and several of our friends worked for or still work for various airlines.  So it is kind of in my blood.  In fact, my first plane trip was when I was 1 month old.

4 thoughts on “Traveling from Kansas City to Bangkok

  1. hi! i’ve found you in jason’s xanga. i’m also a fan of sudoku, and spend hrs to solve it. the difficult ones are making me mad!! so, do you have any tips?
    it’s great to work in the airlines! i like to look at the stamps in my passport.

  2. Actually, 3 stop overs isn’t too unusual.  2 would be pretty much the minimum to Bangkok.  The only non-stop is from JFK and that is still one stop away from Kansas City.  Plus, it was the only routing available using miles.
    Good Sudoku resource is connected to the London Daily Telegraph site, select “Solving Sudoku document” on the right-hand menu.

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