My First Blog Entry

It is just after midnight and I’m waiting for a dish of Chicken Mafé to cool down before I put it into the refrigerator.  Mafé is a dish with origins in Senegal (or so I’m told) and it is originally made with lamb or beef and the sauce is made with peanute butter and tomato paste.  It also has onions and carrots in it and is flavoured with thyme and bay leaves.  Whether or not people in Senegal actually make stews with peanut butter is another matter altogether.


The recipe was provided to me by one of my employees, Marty.  He and his partner are foodies, too.  It seems many people on my team are.  Perhaps as a manager I just surround myself with like-minded people.  In this case, though, that like-mindedness has nothing to do with work.  Just food and books and music.


This is my first entry into Xanga.  My friend Aaron has been blogging for a year now and I’ve been following his entries and find it a cool way to stay in touch with what’s going on in his life.  I’d like to keep a blog just so friends and family can stay in touch as I move to Bangkok to join my husband in November.  Long story – I’ll share more over time.


Anyhow, we’ll see how blogging plays out.  Perhaps more work than I’m interested in.  Peraps not.  We’ll see…

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